Pets are much happier in their own home instead of in an unfamiliar place.

At no time is this more true than when their parents have gone away. While you always have the option of boarding/kenneling or taking your pets to a relative or friend's home, the unfamiliar (or simply "not at home") territory can cause your pets anxiety and depression.


Your pets are able to eat, play, and sleep in their safe, comfortable, and familiar places.

Routine is extremely important to animals - both wild and domesticated. Eating, playing, and sleeping are three of the most important aspects in the health and happiness of a pet. Allowing them to keep to their routine - especially while their parents are gone - helps relieve the anxiety and depression associated with your absence.


Personal attention and daily exercise keep your pets happy, fit and healthy.

We make sure that your pets are having fun - safely! The days of imagining your lonely pets at home pathetically lounging around waiting for you to get back are long gone. A long walk, a good game of fetch, some hearty tug of war, and some relaxing cuddling will keep a smile on their faces! (Hey, they don't call us the best pet sitters in Greensburg for nothin'!)


Keeping your pets at home takes away the hassle of transporting them.

There's enough to worry about doing every day - dropping off and picking up your pets shouldn't be one of them. Use the time spent running back and forth for more important things - and let your pets be waiting safely for you at home when you get back.


Your pets are not exposed to other animals, diseases, or parasites.

Boarding and/or kenneling - no matter how luxurious the facilities - exposes your pets to potential diseases and/or parasites from the facility and the other pets. Making sure your pet can stay safely at home will avoid the possibility of contracting illnesses, diseases, parasites, and other harmful yuckies.


If your pets require medication, you can be sure they never miss a dose.

Let us help ensure your pets always receive their medication at the desired time. With Petite Feet Pet Care, you can rest assured that an experienced, knowledgable, caring pet professional is taking good care of your babies.


Your home will be watched while you are away - adding extra security.

On top of our pet services, we also bring in mail and newspapers, water indoor plants, place garbage and recycling out for collection, rotate blinds, and alternate lights.


You will not have to impose on family, friends, or neighbors.

This is perhaps the biggest reason for using a professional pet sitter for a lot of people as no one likes to impose on others. Aside from feeling like a pain, family, friends, and neighbors - although they may be pet lovers who just adore your babies - may not have the level of experience, knowledge and training that can leave you with a worry-free mind while away.

Why do pets prefer pet sitting to boarding, paws over tails?

Learn more about our services like Greensburg pet sitting and dig a little deeper into why pets prefer us over kennels, daycare, or boarding. Contact us to schedule a consultation!